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Yi Baojun

Supervisor of Master's Candidates
Name (Simplified Chinese):Yi Baojun
Name (English):Yi Baojun
Name (Pinyin):Yi Baojun
Administrative Position:农业工程系主任
Education Level:With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
Business Address:新工科楼G521
Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering
Professional Title:Associate professor
Alma Mater:华中科技大学
Teacher College:College of Engineering
Discipline:Agricultural Biological Environment and Energy Engineering    Thermal Engineering    
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 Yi   Baojun, male, born in 1987, Doctor of Engineering, Associate professor,   master supervisor, Director of Agricultural Engineering Department. In 2015,   he graduated from the State Key Laboratory of Coal Combustion of Huazhong   University of Science and Technology. In the same year, he joined the   Engineering College of Huazhong Agricultural University. In recent years, he   has presided over or participated in a number of national key research and   development programs, National Natural Science Foundation, industry Special   projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, provincial key research and   development programs, Hubei Natural Science Foundation, basic research funds   for central universities and enterprises, etc. It has carried out biomass   energy development, equipment design and development, system optimization,   carbon emission reduction technology and other related work. It has published   more than 20 SCI academic papers in AE, ECM, Energy, FPT, JEMA and other   domestic and foreign academic journals, and obtained more than 10 national   authorized invention patents. Currently, he is a guest reviewer of SCI journals   such as BT, ECM, Energy, FPT, JEMA and JCP. He is a member of Chinese Society   of Engineering Thermophysical Combustion, a senior member of Chinese Society   of Agricultural Engineering, and a director of Hubei Society of Agricultural   Engineering. He has been honored as the National Outstanding Advisor for   Agricultural Construction, the Outstanding Advisor for Scientific Innovation   of the School, the winning prize of the School's Young Teachers' Lecture   Competition, and the Outstanding Member of the Communist Party of the School.   At present, he has  assisted/independently supervised 12   graduate students, guided 4 national college students' innovation and   entrepreneurship training programs, 6 college students' science and   Technology Innovation fund projects, and guided students to win more than 10   national awards such as "Challenge Cup", "Energy Conservation   and Emission Reduction" and "Agricultural Construction   Competition". In recent years, he was employed as Hubei Province   "Vice president of science and technology", Hubei Province level   science and technology special correspondent. The team maintains good   cooperative relations with many universities and research institutes at home   and abroad, and has sufficient funds for scientific research projects, academic   exchanges at home and abroad. He welcome candidates to apply for the master   degree of agricultural biological Environment and energy, master degree of   mechanical, master degree of agricultural engineering and information   technology.


Educational Experience

[1] 2010.9——2015.6
华中科技大学 > Doctoral Degree in Engineering > 工学博士学位

Work Experience

[1] 2019.11-Now
华中农业大学工学院 > 副教授
[2] 2015.7-2019.11
华中农业大学工学院 > 讲师

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SCI期刊“Bioresource Technology”、“Journal of Cleaner Production”、“Journal of Environmental Management”、“Fuel”、“Energy”、“Energy and Fuel”、“Chemical Engineering Science”、“Green gases: Science and Technology”、“Journal of the Energy Institute”等杂志的审稿人