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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates
Name (Simplified Chinese):艾平
Name (Pinyin):aiping
Business Address:工程楼B306
Degree:Doctoral degree
Professional Title:Professor
Alma Mater:华中农业大学
Teacher College:College of Engineering
Other Contact Information:

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Ai Ping, female, professor of agricultural engineering at College of Engineering at Huazhong Agricultural University, doctoral tutor. Received master's degree in Agricultural Bio-Environment and Energy Engineering and taught at Huazhong Agricultural University in 2002. In 2012, Received doctorate in Agricultural Bio-Environment and Energy Engineering. In 2010, served as Associate Professor. 2014.12—2016.1 was a visiting scholar in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering at Washington State University, (USA). In 2018, served as professor. Mainly engaged in the comprehensive utilization of agricultural waste, and the research on the treatment and resource utilization of aquaculture waste. Teaching courses are Biogas Engineering Design, Biogas Engineering Course Design and Biomass Energy Engineering. Presided over the National Natural Science Foundation project, the Ministry of agriculture finance special project, Hubei Natural Science Foundation, the Key Laboratory Opening Project of the Ministry of agriculture, the industrialization project of the Department of agriculture of Hubei Province, Central University basic scientific research business fees and a number of horizontal projects. Published more than 40 papers in SCI/EI in high-level national and international journals. In the past five years, has published 17 papers collected by SCE and EI in international academic journals as a first or corresponding author. Edited a textbook, and participated in the compilation of Rural Biogas, Rural Energy Practical New Technology, and Vegetable-Marsh-Animal Recycling Agriculture Model & Technology. Member of the main expert group of the Hubei Provincial Rural Energy Office and, a member of the expert group of mechanized promotion actions for major crop production in Hubei Province (livestock and poultry waste treatment direction).

Educational Experience

[1] 2007.9——2012.6
华中农业大学 > Doctoral Degree in Engineering > 工学博士学位
[2] 1999.9——2002.7
华中农业大学 > Master's Degree in Engineering > 工学硕士学位
[3] 1995.9——1999.7
华中农业大学 > Bachelor's Degree in Engineering > 工学学士学位

Work Experience

[1] 2002.7-Now